Payment can be made in several ways.  I will list them in order Quick and Easy to Time Consuming and difficult.

ZELLE is not only quick but most banks do not charge to use Zelle.  This is the cheapest way to pay and the safest way. The only notice I receive is the amount and the name of who sent it.  No other information is passed out.  Once you install the app on your phone, you will see where it really makes things easy.  And it is free!

PERSONAL CHECK is another way to make payment.  However, it does create an automatic 10-day delay to make sure it clears both banks.

CASHIER'S CHECK requires you to go to your bank to receive it and also, because of the bad people in this world, the same 10-day wait for the same reason.

CREDIT CARD is fairly easy to do and is available.  The catch is there is a 3% upcharge as I have to pay from 3% to 4% in fees to my bank.

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