MJR Weapons, LLC is a registered company in the state of TEXAS.  


Est.    MMXVI

During the days of February 10, 2020 through March 2, 2020, I will NOT be accepting any transfers.  I will be undertaking some serious medical procedures that would not be conducive to good business.  I should be ready for business by March 2, 2020.  Thanks for your understanding.
Any weapons that come in during the dates of 02/10 - 03/01 will be secure but will not be eligible for pick up until after March 2, 2020.

Welcome to MJR Weapons, LLC.  Here you can set an appointment to receive your newly purchased firearm, sell on consignment a firearm you own or see what firearms we have to sell.  We can also try to find that elusive firearm you have been wanting.

I am required by the ATF to have scheduled work days posted.  If you tell me (in advance) when a weapon is coming to my location, I will work with you in setting up an appointment that is convenient for you and your schedule.  I do not like accepting appointments after seven P.M. for security reasons.  The normal rule is if I am available, your weapon is available.  I have to know about it before I can accept it.  If you show me the courtesy of keeping me informed, I will reciprocate that courtesy and work with you in any way possible.


 Pricing for transfers are as follows:

             If you currently hold a Texas CHL/LTC          $20    

             If you do not have a Texas CHL/LTC              $20

Buying a firearm online is a relative simple thing to do.  

  1. Find the firearm you want.

  2. Pay the dealer selling the firearm.

  3. Contact a local dealer (preferably me) and have an FFL copy emailed to the seller.

  4. When the firearm arrives at the local dealer, you will get a call and have to fill out a form #4473 and then have a background check (if you do not have a LTC/CHL).

  5. You will need to pay the local dealer a small transfer fee.

That is all there is to it.  Barring any problems, you should be on your way with your new firearm in 20 minutes!

MJR Weapons, LLC will help you ship a firearm to another dealer.  There a few pitfalls in shipping a firearm and we can help you avoid them.